Love’s First Crush: Story Extract

“I feel nervous, excited, giddy, embarassed, scared and happy all at the same time. I want him to notice me but there are too many reasons why I don’t just walk up to him and say “Hi”. I’m scared he’ll laugh in my face, think I’m weird, ignore me. But he makes me feel all warm and giggly every time I see him.

I like to watch him stand there, leaning with his back against the wall and a cigarette in one hand. He runs his other hand through his short, bleach dyed hair. I wonder how it would feel to have his fingers run through mine.

He parts his mouth taking the cigarette between his lips and inhales. I like seeing him pout his lips when he exhales a breath of smoke. I wonder how it would feel for those lips to be against mine.

I feel my cheeks burning into a deep blush and turn my head away quickly before he looks my way and notices me looking at him. I stare at the floor with a goofy grin on my face, then peer through my hair at him and watch him flick the cigarette butt at the pavement. He turns and walks my way. I kneel down quickly and pretend to tie a shoelace. My heart is pounding harder with every step he takes towards me…”

Written by Ling Lee.

I remember there was this one guy who always made me feel like a young teenager with a crush on someone who is out of their league. Always too afraid to speak up. Don’t let the one you love slip by because you are too afraid to say something. Cherish the one who makes you smile just by being there. Be brave and say “Hi” because he might just say it back and he might even give you a nice big smile.

Love can make you feel every possible emotion all at the same time. When it happens, it’s the most amazing feeling you will ever feel, and you will wish that you can be in love forever.

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