A Piece of Darkness: Story Extract

“Tired of my life. Every waking moment has become a struggle between living and being pulled into the darkness. This fight has become meaningless when there’s nothing left to look forward to.

Love has slowly eroded away, being replaced with hatred, darkness and regret. Regret that this is how I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life. Hating that I cannot change the mistake of my choices. Darkness taking over every bit of warmth left within me.

This is where my journey has led me. I wonder if I can find a new path to walk in the future. For now I wander blindly through my days hoping and waiting for the darkness to pass. Waiting for my 2nd chance. Waiting for my dream to take me on a new journey.”

Written by Ling Lee.

This is the start of my writing extracts. Online publishing? I never really wanted for any of my work to get out this way. But something changed my mind today. I realised that this is the first step of getting myself to write, to explore my ideas, to hopefully get feedback.
It doesn’t matter if my work is completely fictional or if it is personal. What matters is that I am sharing the words that I want to share, and am taking yet another step towards my dream.

Please keep supporting me, sharing anything that you might enjoy reading and help me achieve my dream. Many thanks for reading. 🙂

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