Book Review #1: Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein

After 2 whole days full of family fun, I’m attempting to end the festivities by finishing off this book that’s been dragging on forever.

I have a terrible need to finish books from beginning to end. Even the ones that bore me half to death. I can’t understand why “A Stranger in A Strange Land” has received such high ratings. I’ve spent months trying to finish this book and I find myself looking at the percentage bar on my kindle more often than I change the pages.

So far this book has been about a martian on earth who has been kept as a scientific project for people to test, check and monitor. The book then moves forward, so with all my excitement of “Mike” escaping, I hope for so much imaginative flair to erupt onto the pages. It then moves onto how the “Man from Mars” teaches his fellow earthling “water brothers” to learn Martian, and to adapt to his world as well as the Martian learning how to behave and understand the human race.

Unfortunately I do not share the same interest, imaginative mind, or opinions as the author. With all due respect to Robert Heinlein for writing a novel, getting it published and getting his book on many reading lists, I find this book somewhat boring and uncreative considering it is about martian life on Earth. I’m still painfully struggling through the last 15% of the book. Every time I pick up the book I wish I could reach the end and at least be rewarded with an amazing end to the book.

So far I would rate this book at 1 or 2/5 stars. I wont be posting my final rating up until I finish the book. But honestly I do not have high hopes of the book getting any better from this point onwards.

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