My Top Writing Rules: My Way, My Rules.

1. A novel doesn’t have to start at the beginning, followed by the middle before reaching the end.
For example you could start at the end, where something dramatic has happened, then write the middle to show what happened. Then finish at the start where everything began well.

2. Re-write yourself.
You can become anyone you want to be. You can be good/evil, big/small, beautiful/ugly etc. You can discover what type of person you could have been if you had strayed on the wrong path. Or you could have a better life in your imaginary, self created world.

3. Never give up.
Giving up means you will never have the chance to finish what you started. Have hope, have faith, believe in luck, believe that anything can happen because it can, as long as you keep trying.

4. Be open minded.
The sea can be pink, animals could fly, people can mutate. Anything is possible as long as you can imagine it!

5. Don’t let any ideas get lost.
Write down anything and everything that you think of. If it’s the middle of the night, turn a lamp on and write in a pad. If you are in a coffee shop, grab a napkin and jot your ideas. Keep all your ideas. Once every few months, pull out your bundle of thoughts and see if you can be creative with some of it. If not, put it away and try again another time.

6. A novel doesn’t have to be just prose.
It could have diary extracts, newspaper clippings, poems embedded. Anything that might help you develop your own style. Create something unique, different, something that’s yours.

7. Write about things you are passionate about.
If you love someone, think about them and create a character based on your love, or how you want to be loved. If you love this person, you must make your readers believe it. Your arch enemy, who do you hate? Why do you hate them? Passion doesn’t just mean things that you love. But anything that brings strong emotions to the surface. Put your personal feelings into your words and exaggerate the situation until the bad things are terrible and the good things are unforgettably amazing.

8. Remember who you are.
Never forget what is real and what is imaginary. Get lost in your story when you have your pen in your hand, or the keyboard under your fingers. But remember reality. Use your experiences, use other people’s experiences. If you can feel it, then someone else can too.

Happy writing or happy reading. Whatever puts a smile on your face. Today I realised writer’s block is only when you don’t let your mind run free. Don’t try to think what to write about. Just let your thoughts guide you. Pick a moment in your past, or something that put a smile on your face and take it from there. 🙂

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One thought on “My Top Writing Rules: My Way, My Rules.

  1. Chi

    I Love this attitude! Don’t you dare forget about it

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