Classics List vs Book to Movie List

I can never decide between these two lists whenever I want to read a random book.

Classics: the books on this list are for many age groups and are rated by many readers. I’ve wanted to read the top 100 classics. Depending on which list you go by, the books vary very slightly.
Going by “The Guardian’s Top 100 books of all time”, I’ve read a very small handful of them including: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, The BFG by Roald Dahl and Northern Light’s by Phillip Pullman. That totals 4/100. Hmm… I can’t really say I’m too enthusiastic about the rest of the list right now so maybe I should go straight to the other list, or go by an alternative “Top 100 list”. I might even have a go at the “Listology: Top 1001 books”.

Books to Movies list: the “Top 50 books to movies” according to “The Guardian”. This list already looks more promising. There’s many more books I’d be willing to pick up and read.

There’s just conflicting emotions on my part because I feel like I should get through more classics as I am such a book lover. There’s never enough quiet time, or time in general, to read.

I am currently reading “Stranger in a strange land”, which was discovered on one of the top reading lists but unfortunately I can’t really agree that the book is amazing enough to reach the top books lists at all yet. I must be 75% through the book already. Maybe I’m just too different to other people?

Please share your favourite books! Then I wont have to stare at list after list, then choosing a book that’s not right for me and feeling like I have to finish what I

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One thought on “Classics List vs Book to Movie List

  1. Chi

    I don’t think you’ll like the kinda book I like… Such as A fighter’s heart, Angry White Pyjamas and Waking Dragon. All martial art related

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