Writing Ideas: Dark Ideas

I’m itching to write today but the crappy wireless keyboard skips a few letters inbetween every few words that I write. So I am now forced to post via mobile, pigeon typing, which is nowhere near as fast as my thoughts are whirling.

On top of this my darling 3yr old is wide awake. On a normal night she’d be fast asleep, making this prime time for me to write. But now, as I type, I have one eye watching her so she doesn’t fall off the chair whilst playing on the ipad.

Back to the point (before I get side tracked again). Today I have a sudden urge to write a novel to do with a supernatural element. I’m desperate to not let slip too many details in case I ever need to use any of my work for competition entries or actual publication.

I am having a massive psychological debate as to whether I can pull this off. I always get too caught up in my writing. Whenever I create a character, I try to put myself into that mind frame.
But my writing always leads me to dark places that I’m not sure I’m strong enough to pull back out of.

Any suggestions on overcoming fear, or the darkness that consumes you when depression tries to take you down? For my novel to unravel, I must be able to step back from my work as soon as I stop writing. I don’t want to fall into the darkness again because it’s too hard to fight it off.

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