Thinking Out Loud: Never Give Up

I’m still thinking about my writing career. Today has been one of those days where my head was filled with doubts. But a great friend has now made a pact with me to never give up hope on our dreams.

How wonderful life is when someone believes in you more than you believe in yourself. When they remind you of the reason you wanted this in the first place! Thanks again my lovely. If I ever make my name on the best sellers lists I’ll be sure to call out your name 🙂 heck… If I ever even get published and up for sale in a real shop, your name will be in my book!!

Here’s the whole thinking out loud part…

Creatures: what can I do with creatures?
I’m guessing they don’t have to be ugly, they don’t have to be bad and they don’t have to be big. That leaves me with pretty, good and small. But that makes me think of fairies.

A place: I want to write about a place that doesn’t exist except in my imagination. But right now my mind has blanked on me yet again. Why oh why does writer’s block always kick in when I have a spare moment to write?

My character: I always write as a boy/male. Maybe I should try writing as a female this time?

I love using diary extracts as part of my stories so I guess I will keep to this idea. Maybe this could be my best known author trait?

I know I want to create a magical world, with fairies or vampires or sorcery. But I want my work to stand out so it has to be different.

I wonder what was going through JK Rowling’s head when the whole Harry Potter adventure escaped through her pen?

Any tips or pointer’s to get me off on the right track? Any comments are much appreciated. Many thanks for reading this far. Please continue to support me on my better blogs 🙂

Please also continue to just be a curious busybody taking a peep into my life 🙂 x

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