Blog off

Not really feeling the love. Feel like logging off and taking a day out of life and just hiding under the duvet until I get bored.

Should blogging be just personal or is it supposed to be all for the reader?

Some days I feel like it should be me, me, me. But then as I stand today, I am still a nobody in this world trying to make a name and a dream come true.

Today I wish I were writing for any and all readers. But I still fear coyright issues. I also realise that any work and material I ever hope to use for publication must be “first time use” and “never seen before”, so that makes my journey all the more difficult.

With no excerpts out for sample and no real material even close for publication, I have a long, long way to go.

My aim is still to keep blogging on a hopefully regular basis. At least this shows dedication even if I achieve nothing else for a while.

I am hoping to have a routine in place in the near future so that I can sit, or lie around and write without interruptions. Just me, my pen and my notebook that I hate making mistakes in.

I love writing with pen and paper but it’s just not practical to have to type up all the words again when I decide that I want to use it.

Today’s blog was all me having a go at free writing but I just couldn’t help myself and had to correct a little here and a little there.

Nothing useful but it’s better than allowing myself to even consider letting go of my dream. Must. Keep. Writing.

Blog on 😀

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One thought on “Blog off

  1. A blog should be whatever you are comfortable sharing with the world, if you don’t want everyone to see, you can add a password to it.
    At this point, don’t think too much about what will happen to what you write, just write anything that’s in your head.
    And tons of writers converted their blog in to a book. 🙂 Keep it up!

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