Vampires: A Secret About Me

Vampires: Creatures of the night, immortal, inhuman strength, fangs, feed on blood (preferably human), insanely acute hearing, amazing speed. Its only weakness is sunlight, decapitation or a stake to the heart.

I have a taken a deep interest in Vampires. Ever since I was a young girl, I always wanted to believe that they exist. How amazing would it be to live forever? You would have all the time in the world to accomplish everything you set your heart to.

I have watched as many Vampire movies as I have heard of. I am currently still trying to read through the list of vampire books that are out there. There is such an extensive list of books, I’m not sure that I will manage to complete this reading list but I will give it a good try 😀

The “Twilight Saga” was fun and easy to read. The characters came to life in my imagination and I always thought “How wonderful would it feel to be Bella?”. Loved by 2 different races of supernatural creatures. Protected by so many who care for her so much they would die for her. Unfortunately the Movie didn’t do the book any justice. The vampires looked too pale, the cast all looked expressionless which was such a disappointment compared to how everything came to life in my thoughts. No offence intended but the movie looked low budget and not even close to how Stephanie Myers portrayed the people and scenes in her writing.

I am currently watching the Vampire Diary TV Series. Every time I watch an episode I wish time could stand still so I can enjoy my guilty pleasure for the rest of time.

There’s a whole collection of vampire books that entice readers into the dark side. The “Black Dagger Brotherhood” by J R Ward is a wonderful series that I am slowly taking my time to enjoy. This series is all about the fight between Vampires with different beliefs. The ones who want to destroy, enslave and feed from humans and the ‘Brotherhood’ who thrive for order and peace between humans and their own race.

“A Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness. This book took a while to warm to, but the more you read, the more you get pulled into the story.

Sherrilyn Kenyon’s “Dark Hunter” series is a very much adult series. With very explicit imaginative scenes between vampires with their many supernatural powers. Although I have only read one book from this series, this is highly recommended.

“The House of Night” series by P.C Cast is for younger vampire lovers. More for young teens. This series is about a boarding school for vampires who are distinguished by their tattoo like ‘markings’, the more powerful they are, the more intricate and extravagant their markings become. With a strong sense of elemental magic weaved into this story. The series explores  friendships, change in people, saving people and more creatures of the night.

This was just the start to my discovery of Vampires. When I have more time I will be adding to this never ending compilation of what I would personally recommend. Whether it be books, movies or TV series, anything and everything to do with Vampires will be coming soon.

Please keep reading, make suggestions and please support me in my journey to be a writer. Many Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “Vampires: A Secret About Me

  1. Tracy

    My blood sucking friend!! Do u still like the taste of blood?? He he!! That was the first time I met u lol!!

    • My darling tracy! So glad u remember! Always remember that crazy day with u crazy people! Thank u for reading my post. If u have any friends who are readers or writers please pass on my link!
      Thanks for your support dear friend! Will post about babies soon 🙂
      Hope u, hubby and princess sally keep well x

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