Where to start: 1st idea – writing competitions

Taking this kickstart to my career very seriously.

I just thought that maybe entering one of my short stories into a free entry writing competition might give me some sort of indication as to how close I am to living my dream.

I’m afraid of entering and getting absolute zero response from the judging panel. I wonder how the stories are judged and whether there are any copyright issues if the story turns out to be better than I could ever hope for.

Research is a big part of helping me along my path to success. I guess I need to start off easy and aim for a small competition with a piece I am less upset to be judged on.

Any suggestions as to which competitions are better known, or smallest entry numbers, or even ones that guarantee feedback? Any information would be very much appreciated.

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4 thoughts on “Where to start: 1st idea – writing competitions

  1. I think entering competitions is a good idea to see where you stand. but you will also need to get involved with the community. You can’t expect people to give you feedback when you aren’t part of the loop.

    And I say go big! Don’t go for the small one. Be confident!

    • Thanks for the comment. Hope we can keep in touch with each other’s work and progress our career’s with support for one another! As for the community, I need more free time to do that! Right now all I can do is blog and hope for the best. Maybe someone out there will take interest in what I do and pass on the message šŸ™‚
      Research is all I’m doing for the next 12months. Next year I should have plenty more time! I’m even considering entering this november competition next year šŸ™‚ *fingers crossed* for a good year!!

  2. You should try sending short stories to magazines, either print or online ones. I’m rubbish at short stories – my short stories always turn into mini novels – but I have had one published in very distant past!

    • Well done kat for being a published writer already!! Thank u for your support and comments. I wont be trying to write a novel just yet. The earliest I will try will be in about 1-2yrs time. But in the meantime I want to keep researching, building ideas and having material with play around with when I can find enough time in between work and family life šŸ™‚

      Keep up the good work hun!

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